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Celgene REMS Pharmacy Portal


Welcome to the Pharmacy Portal for Celgene-administered REMS Programs. To avoid embryo-fetal exposure, Risk Evaluation and … To login to your account:.

Celgene Risk Management


The THALOMID REMS® program, Lenalidomide REMS program and POMALYST REMS® program require prescribers and pharmacists to be … To login to your account: …

REVLIMID REMS Prescriber Resources


You can enroll by visiting CelgeneRiskManagement.com, a website that allows prescribers to handle the REMS process for all of the Celgene REMS programs. You can …

Lenalidomide REMS Program | REVLIMID® (lenalidomide)


Find more information about the Lenalidomide REMS Program. See safety info and BOXED WARNINGS on fetal and hem tox & blood clots.

REVLIMID REMS Pharmacist Resources


The Celgene REMS Pharmacy Portal. In addition to calling the Celgene Customer Care Center to obtain a confirmation number for a prescription, …



The goals of the THALOMID risk evaluation and mitigation strategy are as follows: … THALOMID® and THALOMID REMS® are registered trademarks of Celgene …

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) – Bristol Myers …


Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to developing the most effective Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) that allow patients to access our medicines while preventing certain serious risks associated with taking these medications.

Lenalidomide REMS® Program | REVLIMID® (lenalidomide)


Learn how to enroll in the Lenalidomide REMS® Program. See safety info & Boxed WARNINGS on birth defects, low blood counts & blood clots.

Lenalidomide REMS

Welcome to Lenalidomide REMS

The Lenalidomide Manufacturers have a contractual agreement under which Celgene Corporation administers the REMS on behalf of the Lenalidomide Manufacturers.

Celgene Medical Professionals Site


Find resources and useful links for healthcare professionals, including information about Celgene therapies, Celgene Patient Support®, clinical trials, medical information, patient resources, and more.