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Navigate to the web-access.net surgemail official login page using the link provided below. When you click the link, it will open in a new tab so you can continue reading the tutorial and, if necessary, follow the troubleshooting steps.

  • Simply enter your login information. You must have received these from web-access.net surgemail Login, either upon sign up or through your authorization of web-access.net surgemail Login.
  • You should now see the message \\\" successfully logged in.\\\" Congratulations, you have successfully logged in to web-access.net surgemail Login.
  • If you are unable to access the web-access.net surgemail Login website, please refer to our troubleshooting instructions, which may be found here.

SurgeMail – Cincinnati State


SurgeMail - Cincinnati State
SurgeMail – Cincinnati State

SurgeMail is our email portal, powered by Microsoft’s Office 365, and allows students and employees to get their college email easily and conveniently, from any computer with internet access.  Other Benefits: Private and safe online experiences Easy use on popular web browsers for Windows or Mac Access to Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that are widely used in many […]

REST/api access – SurgeMail

REST/api access

Account Creation – Web Interface Account Creation – User Self Creation Users can optionally create or sign-up for accounts via the web interface on the user port ie: https://localhost:7443/cgi/user.cgi?cmd=user_check There are several different methods, the method being used is specified per domain using the domain setting create user. Account Creation – Manager User administration is done+ Read More

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use include files in surgemail.ini. Not normally no, the reason for this restriction is that the web interface allows you to modify config settings in a …

All Global Settings – SurgeMail


g_access_group Access groups Access rules defining groups of IP addresses with certain POP, IMAP and SMTP privileges. When a user is authenticated access is checked against group membership defined in the “mailaccess” field in the authentication database. See accounts for more information. eg. this could allow you to charge webmail users for pop access privileges:g_access_group group=paid_user access_pop=*+ Read More

WebMail Login


Loading standard (Web 2.0) interface | Load basic HTML interface (for slow computers). Loading SurgeWeb email,. Loading basic interface.

Global Settings g_admin – SurgeMail

Global Settings g_admin

g_admin_access – Allow / Restrict domain admin access to features based on g_access_group g_admin_access group=”wildcard” access=”list” This setting matches the g_access_group the admin is in to the wildcard specified and applies the specified access list to that domain admin, giving / restricting thier access to certain features. The list may include any of the following: Value+ Read More

SurgeMail (WebMail port)


Welcome to SurgeMail (WebMail port). The following are the main end user surgemail interface pages. You may want to place links to these on your main web …

Securing SurgeMail


If you are running a mail server that doesn’t support this feature then essentially anyone with access to your network can steal passwords.

Check Email — Servlet

Check Email

Check Email Note: We have several different mail systems, “Servlet Classic”, Surgemail (siscom, dnaco, your-net), Dayton.net (coax.net), and Plesk. Please make sure you select the appropriate mail service for configuration info below. Servlet Classic Mail Please enter your username (lower case) and password to read your email: Check Email https://mailhost.servlet.net Mail Client Settings (phone, tablet, … Continue reading “Check Email”

SurgeWeb | Web-Based Email | HTC | Waterloo IL

Introducing SurgeWeb

It is a clean, modern, and fully-featured site that allows you to access your HTC email from anywhere on the Internet. Learn more about SurgeWeb and how it …